The Association of Foreign Banks in Germany

The Association of Foreign Banks in Germany (VAB) represents the interests of more than 200 foreign banks, investment management companies and financial services institutions in Germany from more than 30 countries. Established as subsidiaries, branches, representative offices or in the course of cross-border services, our members provide a broad range of financial services and employ around 30,000 people nationwide. To become VAB member, major foreign ownership is necessary. Nearly all foreign financial institutions operating in Germany are organized in the VAB.

Since 1982 we support our members at establishing branches and have provided them with valuable information, especially about the legal and fiscal framework. At the same time, we represent the specific interests of the foreign financial industry vis-à-vis the German and European legislature, supervisory authorities and administration.

We consider ourselves as a service provider for our members, as well as for the public and the press which includes providing specific expertise on the various business models and the corresponding regulatory and fiscal issues of foreign banks and other financial service providers to German and European politicians and supervisory authorities. At the same time we offer our members a broad information platform. The VAB is a network for information and exchange of views for its member institutions; VAB organizes working groups, forms project groups and organizes specialised seminars and trainings on current topics.


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